chapter  35
Long-term Prospects for Co-operation between Africa and the International Community
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An assessment of the long-term prospects for co-operation between Africa and the international community must begin by emphasising the fact that the region's economic crisis extends beyond drought and famine. There was ample rain, the best in a decade, across much of the African continent in 1985. Total agricultural production and food production increased during the year, though an estimated 15 million people are still at risk from famine. For the first time since 1980, some GDP growth was achieved in sub-Saharan Africa in 1985. Nonetheless, even in that year, population was still growing faster than output and average incomes declined, albeit more slowly than in earlier years, and the pace of decline is likely to have gone up again in 1986. For Africa, 'recovery' so far has only meant an abatement of the rate of decline.