chapter  Chapter 6
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Post-Second World War Soviet Military Strategy

WithDavid M. Glantz

Since the end of the Second World War, Soviet military strategy has been conditioned by "experiences of the war and the new distribution of military-political forces in the world". 1 The Soviets claim their policy has been based on the "fact that the governments of the former allies in the anti-Hitlerite coalition (primarily the United States and Britain) had departed from the principles agreed upon for the postwar organization of the world" 2 During the ensuing Cold War, which the Soviets now imply began in 1949, Soviet military strategy recognized the dual realities of nuclear and conventional war. While their views regarding the domination of nuclear weapons have on several occasions shifted, until very recently they have steadfastly insisted that "the offensive was the main type of strategic operation, in either a nuclear or non-nuclear context". 3