chapter  20
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Why Not Enough is Being Done About Ecological Dangers

WithStanislav Andreski

There is a striking contrast between the foresight and caution most people show in arranging their personal affairs, and the utter improvidence displayed by mankind as a whole. When choosing a job many people take into consideration the pension rights, even though they are still very far from using them. The first and most obvious, though not necessarily the most important, is the novelty of the situation. Nobody foresaw the possibility of destruction of the environment. Although manufactured objects do not multiply unaided, the same reasons apply to an increase in their quantity: within a finite space their compound increase even by a small percentage cannot continue very long. In addition to personifying nature the Greens have also moralised it. They maintain that competition and violence are contrary to nature, which is supposed to be infused with co-operation and mutual good will if not love.