chapter  8
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Victory: Anti-Shipping Operations, October 1944-M ay 1945

B y S e p t e m e r 1 9 4 4 , a foothold in France had been secured, and the anti-shipping campaign could now resume in full, with efforts con­ centrating off Norway, and in the waters of the Skagerrak and Kattegat. The toll of enemy shipping continued to rise as greater quantities of new equipment arrived in Coastal Command’s front line, and as tactics and sources of intelligence were consolidated. Aircrews were showing the benefit of improved training programmes, and their performance con­ tinued to improve with the closer application of Planned Flying and Planned Maintenance. By this stage of the war, the enemy’s shipping situation had deteriorated to such an extent that there was little commercial traffic to be found, and movements between Scandinavia and Germany were confined largely to the transport of troops and military stores.