chapter  4
2 Black War
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BW first appeared in a 12 December 1985 attack on Legitime difense. It then struck the Conforence internationale des resistances en pays occupes (CIRPO) on 24 January 1986. On 6 April, BW hit Parti ouvrier europeen (POE) offices and, on 22 June, bombed Rothmans cigarette company offices. BW attacked Union Carbide's French subsidiary, Societe generate des Techniques industrielles (SGTI) on 19 June 1987. On 9 January 1988 it bombed the movement Initiative et Liberti (MIL), charging that it was an 'organisation fasciste qui amalgame socialisme et SIDA '. MIL claims to defend initiative and liberty. BW attacks rose in 1988. On 19 February it bombed an IN SEE (polling company) building, declaring that in 'this pre-electoral period, polls signify the rape of crowds, lies, and manipulation of opinion ... Let's force a stop to polls for political ends' .1