chapter  1
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Suez: The Last Imperial War or an Imperial Hangover?

The CzechEgyptian arms deal, announced officially in September 1955, has been the subject of many studies. Most of them suggest that the deal was concluded as a result of the following events: the formation of the Baghdad Pact in February 1955, the Israeli attack on Gaza on 28 February 1955; the Bandung Conference in April 1955; and the Western refusal to supply Egypt with arms. CzechEgyptian arms deal is a combination of two separate deals. The first discussions on this subject between Egypt and the Soviet Union were initiated by the former at the Bandung Conference when Gamal Abdel Nasser first met Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and examined with him the possibility of obtaining Soviet arms. The next contact is said have taken place in May, when Nasser met with Soviet Ambassador Daniil Solod in Cairo. These studies base their accounts on what are considered to be Egyptian primary sources.