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Policy Think-Tanks: The Experience of the Israel Democracy Institute

This chapter deals with the influence of the post-modern conditions on educational policy in Israel over the past decade, particularly since the beginning of the 1990s. It attempts to show that, for the most part, the changes that have occurred in educational policy in Israel during the 1990s have largely constituted a reaction or a counter-reaction to the post-modern era. The terms post-modern' or the post-modern era' refer to and characterize the period following the modern era, yet they embody criticism both of modernity and of the social and ideological crises that it has generated. The post-modern era is characterized by the rapid expansion of knowledge, and by the universal dissemination of knowledge through new technologies and the development of mass media. The development of the policy of choice in Israel was based on the experience of Western countries, particularly the United States and England, in the 1980s.