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The Transferability of New Public Management Reforms: Caveats from Israel

This chapter discusses the enactment of two reforms for the substantial improvement in the economic well-being of the public transit sector in the Israel. The two reforms: organizational reform; and regulatory reform, must be components of a regional and national transport strategic plan. Israel is facing a crisis in its transportation infrastructure as it undergoes unprecedented economic growth over the past decade. An integrative body, with true regulatory and fiscal powers a metropolitan transport authority is necessary to achieve modernization of the public transport system in Israel. Tel Aviv, the largest and most complex of Israeli cities, has the greatest number of transit-users and is now evaluating new fixed guide-way modes. The Tel Aviv Metropolitan Authority for Mass Transit has been charged with developing a plan for rapid transit to address Tel Aviv's problems of congestion and growth. Modern approaches to marketing and the new zeal for quality management have placed customer needs at the top of all transit-planning agendas.