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Governance and Public Policy

This chapter presents an overview of the Israel's state comptroller and its public administration. Israel's national government controls public authorities throughout the country and defines in considerable detail how public authorities should operate. Israel's tangle of quasi-governmental organizations raises very interesting questions about the limits of its government authorities, and their level of accountability to a political mechanism. The state comptroller still worries about excessive spending, but also attracts attention for its criticism of government policies as well as the behaviour of ranking politicians and politically active citizens. The State Comptroller's Office has taken an expansive view of its responsibility for auditing political party finances. The issue has surfaced prominently in the United States as the result of an audit of the US General Accounting Office (GAO). The academy's report indicates the political complexities of policy-auditing by placing some of the responsibility for the violation of audit norms on elected policy-makers and their immediate aides.