chapter  2
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Educating Palestinian Children

The whole process of Oslo was predicated on the Palestinian obligation that under no circumstances would they resort to violence, and that all disagreements, including those about Jerusalem and the Israeli settlements, would henceforth be resolved by negotiations. All matters relating to Jerusalem, the settlements and the refugees were left to the end of the negotiating process, to be discussed as part of the permanent settlement of the conflict, whose end was perceived to be around the corner. The Israelis rebelled against their government, asking what the point of Oslo was, if instead of producing calm and peace it increased the numbers of victims so dramatically. Brussels Conference suggests four principles for new peace process to integrate Israel and Palestine. Oslo and its derivatives are replete with such formulations, and no sooner had they been signed than both parties accused each other of violating the terms, because each side understood them differently and strove to enforce their version or interpretation.