chapter  4
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Arab and Islamic Anti-Semitism

It is the contention of this chapter, however, that the Armistice Model can only serve as a negative one that must be skirted and discarded as a viable option in view of its dismal failure along Israeli-Arab boundaries in general and through the Jerusalem area in particular. Although Jerusalem has changed rapidly and considerably since the 1967 War and reunification, one still has a lingering sense of the legacy of the bygone Armistice Regime. The Oslo Accords of 1993 relegated the issue of Jerusalem along with other difficult aspects of the conflict to the final phase of the Oslo Process. After Oslo came the Israel-Jordan Peace Accord of 1994, which complicated the matter of Jerusalem even further. The Palestinians claimed to inherit Jordan's rights in eastern Jerusalem, as if Jordan had any valid rights there, can only voice their aspirations and press for a settlement acceptable to Israel.