chapter  7
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Masquerade of Terrorism

Atrocious acts of terror have occurred during the last decades of the twentieth century, from hijackings of airplanes, boats and other means of ground transportation, kidnappings of civilians for ransom or political blackmail, the blowing up of buildings, malls, restaurants, airports, airplanes in mid-air, trains and buses, to attacks by gun-fire on individuals and groups. Atrocities of this sort were practiced in, around and about the Middle East since the late 1960s, but they soon spread to other areas of the world, until no continent or country was immune. During those years, terrorist groups, which smacked of Marxist-prone 'revolution' of some kind or other, mushroomed in all parts of the globe, from the Red Army in Japan, the Symbionese Liberation Army in the USA, the Red Brigades, the Action Directe, the ETA, the IRA and the BaderMeinhoff in Europe, to the Shining Path in Peru and the various Palestinian rival groups of the PLO, the PFLB the DFLB the Abu Nidal group and their clones and splinter sub-groups.