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Millennium-Related Security Reports

Day Adventists. A second group, headed by Brother David and Sister Sharon, consists of a broad range of evangelicals of all stripes.

2. Scholars and researchers in the field A number of scholars and researchers who specialize in the study of radical messianic groups are in possession of extremely valuable information about those organizations. Some of them have also formed friendships based on mutual trust with many of the activists and with others that are close to the groups. In the course of their work, these researchers have listened to sermons of various kinds, heard stories that are not intended for public consumption, and had access to sensitive documents. Each of them is deeply and intimately acquainted with certain groups. Field researchers whose work has brought them into close contact with radical messianic groups include:

* Prof. Jeffrey Kaplan, University of Alaska at Barrows * Prof. Michael Barkun, Syracuse University * Prof. Susan Palmer, Concordia University * Prof. Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, University of Haifa

We strongly recommend getting in touch with these individuals through an Israeli scholar who is well versed in the subject and asking them to provide any information they might have pertaining to potential dangerous activity or intentions of members of the messianic groups.