Zionism and the Counter-Intellectuals
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I feel I should preface my remarks with a truth-in-advertising disclaimer. I am not an Israeli, I am not a Zionist, or an anti-Zionist; I am not a Jew. My reasons for reading Yoram Hazony's book, The Jewish State, were therefore not the predictable ones. 1 I simply have an interest in religion and politics in modern life, and for anyone who takes such issues seriously the question of Zionism and the fate of Israel cannot but loom large. I have followed the debate over historiography in Israel from a distance for some time, and took up Hazony's book in the hope of hearing an alternative Israeli view of Zionism's past and future. Does his book offer an alternative to mainstream and post-Zionist orthodoxy? Absolutely. Is it an Israeli alternative? That is a more complicated question.