Interview with Barbara Tizard
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This interview was conducted with Barbara Tizard during February 1996. The following version, based on a much longer transcript, is the product of the editing of all three of us. Its purpose was to give Barbara a central place in a book which has been written for, and dedicated to, Barbara in recognition of her very considerable contribution to research and in particular her role as Director of Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) from which she retired in 1990. This interview is more than an interchange with a close colleague and friend in the Institute, Basil Bernstein, and with a longtime member of TCRU's research staff, Julia Brannen. It also represents a meeting of disciplines between psychology, Barbara's discipline base, and sociology which is the location of the editors. Set against the background of Barbara's personal and family life (which is only touched on here), the interview covers Barbara's public life, beginning with her entry into higher education, and follows her career in research both before and during her time as a researcher at TCRU, and subsequently as Director of the Unit.