chapter  7
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Inspiring Learning with Adult Distance Learners in Higher Education

This chapter explores the issues associated with developing and teaching information technology to first year undergraduates using a student-centred approach. This approach contrasted with the traditional approach method used before. Using findings from their action research process, the author discusses both the advantages of this approach to teaching and learning, and the lessons they and their students have learnt. Plans for the future include the possible use of multimedia initially to support the lectures and study notes for weaker students. Eventually it could replace some of the lectures. Work has started on a package using Asymetrix Tool book. Praise for student-centred approaches justified by improved student learning and enjoyment of the learning process. The approach outlined allows student flexibility in the choice of presentation topic and practical class attendance. To make this it relies heavily on a range of teaching methods and a variety of sequentially graded assessment methods to make sure that students cover and understand the module content.