chapter  8
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Using Peer Support: Implications for Student and Lecturer

There has been a change within programme management of overseas aid, moving away from free-standing training awards towards project-related training. This means that students coming to the UK have more clearly defined aims for their training which relate to their role in projects back in own country. Thus traditional fixed-content courses are no longer proper, and every student needs treated uniquely on a very flexible programme. This chapter sets out details of one such programme, the MSc in Development Training and Education. It explains the nature of the provision, the salient characteristics of the students, the process that the student's experience and the problems have met in seeking to make goals. The responses to these problems outlined as a case study illustrating provision of a flexible opportunities and progressive curriculum. The future holds a number of further challenges in the shape of more credits being made available for studies undertaken outside the UK, distance learning approaches and distance teaching opportunities.