chapter  10
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A Computer-Based Introduction to Learning Skills

The aims of this workshop were to introduce participants to a range of potential and actual uses of computer-assisted assessment (CAA), to find the advantages and potential pitfalls of CAA and to help participants to think about ways in which CAA used in their own field. The format of the workshop comprised a first presentation, opportunities for discussion and questions and the opportunity for hands-on exploration of a number of software packages that show different uses of CAA. Computer-assisted assessment used to assess a range of knowledge and skills. Suitably used, CAA provides flexible assessment, with a saving in marking and recording time. However, it is essential to make sure the quality and appropriateness of assessment. When used appropriately, CAA provides a flexible assessment mode, able to offer assessment on demand, with immediate feedback to the student or candidate. Finally it offers savings in the time spent on marking and on recording student's results.