chapter  11
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Adopting a Student-Centred Approach to the Management of Learning: Songs of Praise and Lessons

A recent development at the Humberside University is the Skills Aquisition Programme. The aim of the programme is to equip new students with both generic study skills and basic IT skills. This brought together newly produced paper-based open learning materials, a new support system and newly developed automated assessment methods for IT skills. The last is the focus for this chapter. The aim of the workshop was both to describe the approaches used in the assessments and to provide participants with the opportunity to try the assessments that have developed. At the outset, the programme development team decided that as much automation as possible attempted in the processes of assessment and processing of results. The assessments developed in the system of the Multiple-choice question software and direct assessments software. The Multiple-choice question software comprises four Windows applications: AqDesign, AqBuild, AqRun, and AqMS. The Direct assessments software use at two levels of Word and Excel.