chapter  12
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Providing Flexible Opportunities for Overseas Students at Masters Level

This chapter summarises developments in response to pressures for change in styles of learning and teaching at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education (CGCHE), and outlines the strategies employed to promote the change from a teaching-driven organisation to a learning-driven. In common with other institutions in higher education, CGCHE places flexible learning design at the centre of the college's three main areas of activity: teaching, research and commercial activity. Recent institutional development towards becoming a 'learning college' focused essentially on a learner-centred holistic approach for learning, rich in structure and meaning. The college recognises that the prerequisites for such developments include appropriate beliefs, values, attitudes and perception among college staff and is now starting to discuss these issues. The Faculty of Information Services' work to promote change in these areas has strategic alliances development. Strategic alliances to develop cooperative working relationships between the College Professional Development and Information Service formation of a College Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee.