chapter  16
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The Learning College: An Holistic Approach to Institutional Development

In general, the dual-mode university carries send the flexibility limitations of each of its constituent approaches: A fourth approach is to found in the mixed mode university. An alternative approach to creation of the mixed mode university applies where an institution which before concentrated on conventional face-to-face on-campus activities adopts materials ready elsewhere. This model of the mixed mode university has adopted by the Luton University and this chapter discusses the mixed mode concept by drawing upon the experiences gained. The University of Luton has utilised open learning as part of its academic provision since the early 1980s. The institutional commitment made by the university to use mixed mode delivery brings open learning potentially within the role of every teacher. It is essential to consider what is of importance if teachers are able to support open learners effectively. For the mixed mode university, the overwhelming advantage of integration at staff level is flexibility.