chapter  17
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Designing Flexible Learning Materials

This chapter describes how students perceive quality of their learning experience is dependent on the degree to which their expectations by their experience on the course. It presents a case study evaluation of a Year 2 undergraduate marketing programme which relied heavily on directed private study (DPS). The chapter highlights that students expect a quality learning experience to developmental challenging and practical, characteristics that delivered by a DPS programme. This involves proper preparation by utilising basic marketing techniques to promote DPS in a way that is relevant and appealing to students. This chapter concludes if every attempt made to manage students' expectations, students segmented into three types: enthusiasts, who perceive DPS as a quality learning experience; satisficers, who perceive DPS as a good way to learn, but no better than didactic methods, and sceptics, who perceive DPS to a poor learning experience for them, one which places too much emphasis on the student being responsible for their own learning.