chapter  18
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Designing Open Learning for Occupational Competence

Many researchers are working extremely hard to develop IT applications within higher education, but most people seem oblivious to the fact that IT, like all other radical improvements in this world, must have its side effects. This chapter is trying to redress the balance by highlighting areas which author believe drawbacks to IT. It then looks at Plagiarism has become much easier with advent of word processors, photocopiers, and, most recently, e-mail. How much blinded technology into teaching the use of software packages to students, not showing them how to analyse and understand the underlying problems? How can make sure that students understand the principles, not merely use trial and error techniques with published software? What is significance of knowledge to a student, when so much information is available online? Every revolution, however beneficial, its own dark side and the IT revolution is just the same. Our generation sees IT as a valuable gift from science and accepts it unquestioningly.