chapter  20
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The Mixed Mode University

This chapter will briefly consider good practice and pitfalls identified from past and existing networks. In the light of the emphasis on networks in the new European training and development programmes, it is useful to consider the role of transnational partnerships and how effective partnerships developed and written into applications. The UK government also has recent history of pump-priming consortia and 'strategic' partnerships. Mitchell Koza believes that there is a lot learned by looking at business networks, more commonly known as alliances. Strategic alliances have increased in the commercial world since the mid-1970s. It would seem pertinent, therefore, to consider whether the experiences of industrial networks bear any relevance to educational networks. Finally, author would like to encourage further discussion about how new technology might be exploited to ease people networking. This chapter does not intend to give the definitive answer, rather it is an opportunity to raise some of the issues and encourage positive developments in people networking.