chapter  21
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The Importance of Managing Student Expectations on an Undergraduate Programme

This chapter looks at computer-mediated communication as a pedagogic medium. It based on personal experience in using computer conferencing as the backbone of two ongoing courses: an MA for English teachers and a Certificate in Online Education for staff in universities and colleges. Both distance and on-campus education lies in the opportunity for constant and unlimited interaction among students and tutors. Distance education is altered beyond recognition by computer-mediated communication (CMC), and traditional on-campus education will certainly also be influenced by the flexibility it offers. CMC used in several different ways: As a communication support system, it can add a convenient time and place independent means for students and tutors to contact each other. As a pedagogic system in itself, it can form an adjunct to traditional courses, by enabling seminar discussions that are otherwise inconvenient to timetable. As a delivery system, it transmits text or multimedia materials to on site or remote students, for self-study or group work.