chapter  25
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Instructional Design for Group-Based Learning by Computer Conferencing

Great Britain faces many challenges due to increased economic competition. The success of many of its competitors has underpinned by major investments in vocational education and training. New techniques in learning are increasingly contributing to development of people by allowing them to acquire skills in ways which suit their needs. Computer-based learning material has identified as a key strategic weapon in the competition between corporate rivals. The screen provides the critical interface between the learner and the learning material. If the display is not effective, learning hindered. Screen design is a vital factor in computer-based learning. The guidance for illustrations often results from investigations into the use of images to support text in books or other paper-based products. Colour guidance obtained from work into colour television, 35mm slides and cockpit displays. This chapter reports on research evidence undertaken by Sheffield University into the use of graphics experiment, colour and text in the screen design of computer-based learning materials.