chapter  26
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Support Implications for Hypermedia Flexible Learning Resources

This chapter presents an overview of current research into re-use and outlines the need to develop courseware metrics for accurate measurement so that costs and benefits of alternative development strategies compared. In this section, the effects on productivity of designing courseware for re-use during development life cycle explored. In analysing productivity of experienced courseware development teams it noted that depending on the size of team there was an improvement productivity of 30" to 43" between the first and second module. The values based on productivity rate inverted to match the consistent definition presented in this chapter. The metrics-based framework to aid comparative research into re-usable development effort and productivity requirements for re-use and transferability described, forms part of an ongoing programme of research into the effect of different multimedia design and development strategies. This chapter outlines research to investigate the cost of designing reusable and transferable multimedia courseware and development of multimedia courseware for cost estimation metrics.