chapter  28
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Models of Knowledge, Learning and Representation for Multimedia Learning Environments

The use of records of achievement and 'personal development programmes' is increasing in higher education. This paper challenges assumptions made about the reflective process central to these developments through in-depth interviews with students involved in the 'Personal and academic development'. It informed by interviews with key respondents at institutions operating similar programmes. It begins with brief outline of the university's 'personal development programme' followed by discussion of the interim findings which examine the factors which affect the students' perception of learning and their reaction to a programme of 'flexible' learning. This chapter provides a brief outline of the institution and addresses four main points: the aims and intentions research; the case study of personal development and its place within the action research tradition; the research outcomes, namely, student perceptions of learning as articulated through interviews during 1994; conclusions and recommendations. All quotations from students used here are from interviews conducted in 1994 and as such this chapter represents interim findings.