chapter  30
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Multimedia Courseware Engineering - Lessons Learned from the Failure of Technology-Based Learning

This chapter provides an overview of the issue of flexibility for professional groups by concentrating on the property profession. It addresses three main issues: the growing pressures for education flexibility for the professions; the dimensions of flexibility in such education; and the delivery of flexible property education. It argues that the growing pressure for flexibility in the workplace has implications for the very nature of the professions and that this, in turn, influences approaches to education for the professions. It is within the context of the growth and change in professional activity that student-centred approaches to professional education need examined. In particular, it is clear that professional activities have become more flexible in terms of their scope and the way they delivered. The chapter explains the scope of a particular award to prove an approach to accommodating flexibility within a structured framework which satisfies not only the students and educational establishments, but also the professional bodies and employers.