chapter  33
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'I'd Like to do the Course but... '. Mentoring - Flexible Approaches to Staff Development: A Case Study from New Zealand

SUMMARY Mentoring is increasingly becoming a key tool for polytechnic staff developers in New Zealand. Lecturers in New Zealand polytechnics have pressures on their time which make attending traditionally delivered professional development courses and seminars increasingly difficult. This case study describes a range of flexible learning modules delivered at Manukau Polytechnic in Auckland, New Zealand. All of the modules have as their base the mentoring of individual staff engaged in independent learning. The modules are credited towards a Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Education. Participants in the modules work at their own pace but have regular meetings with the mentor or module leader. The views of mentors and module participants are explored on the role of the mentor and the nature of the independent learning projects. The advantages and disadvantages of this style of professional development are analysed.