chapter  1
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Flexible Learning - Your Flexible Friend! Keynote Address

This chapter examines some of the key questions and issues associated with flexible learning resources in higher education in the 1990s. It suggests the strategies for those who wish to extend their repertoire of teaching and learning techniques by developing a greater variety of improved resources for learning. Learning resources can give for students: sense of ownership and control over the material being studied and a chance to pace work at a rate to suit circumstances. Staff can benefit from: opportunities for advanced planning and production of course materials, which may save time overall and possibility of long-term resources, or at least a change in the resource mix of materials available to students. The range of resources available to support and enable learning includes: Paper-based learning resources, Computer-based materials, Network learning resources and Media-based materials. Any good resource-based learning package should have well-defined outcomes. Probably the best ways to check the effectiveness of the package learning outcomes achieved.