chapter  4
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A Metacognitive Approach to Self-Directed Learning

Major shifts in attitudes held, and revisions of techniques adopted, required to accommodate the rapid changes occurring within higher education in the United Kingdom (UK). Peer support for learning provides one avenue of response to the pressures for change. This chapter outlines and reports on applications of peer support including trial 'proctoring' and 'supplemental instruction'. The implications for course delivery and hence for students and lecturers examined. Change from traditional approaches to accommodate planned peer support is not without risk. It requires basic, carefully considered adjustments in the attitudes of students and lecturers. If these are not sensitively managed inconsistencies may develop which are incompatible with coherent learning strategies. Maximum advantage gained from peer support when it coordinated with other means of encouraging student-led activity and student ownership of their course. A student induction programme is in explaining the character of the course, detailing what is too expected of students, and providing the opportunity for student-student pre-briefing.