chapter  10
Guiding the Student to the Centre of the Stakeholder Curriculum: Independent and Work-based Learning at Middlesex University
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Matching the curriculum to the student is most effective when the curriculum adapts to student interests and needs, not vice versa. This entails strategies for teaching and learning which require students to become active learners and curriculum managers, able to identify and build on their own interests (and recognize those of employers). Dearing provides a vision of a future society where learning is an ongoing, lifelong process; but many novice students (on-campus school Ie avers and work-based employees) still engage with higher education on its terms rather than their own. In Independent Learning OLE) and Work-based Learning Studies (WBL), however, involvement is fundamental as students undertake negotiation, reflection, action planning and critical thinking in order to progress; in so doing they discover why travelling toward an award is often more valuable for the student than just getting there.