chapter  2
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Teachers' Views on the National Curriculum

Since teachers are the key agents in the implementation of the National Curriculum it is important to discover their collective views about it and to keep track of these over time. It is true that, in the course of making revisions to the National Curriculum, the govemment, through its curriculum agencies, the School Curriculum and Assessment Agency (SCAA) and the Curriculum and Assessment Agency for Wales (ACAC), has consulted teachers and others, from time to time, most recently in connection with the major revision of the National Curriculum in 1994. However the resulting publication of the results of these consultations is done in a summary fashion and the sampies of teachers and others responding are not necessarily representative. For this purpose independent research studies are necessary. This chapter presents selected findings from a longitudinal study of the views of a sampie of teachers drawn from a particular LEA in South Wales about the impact of the National Curriculum on the teaching of 5-year-olds and these are related to other findings.