chapter  24
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CFIDS, Suffering, and the Divine

The points of intersection between anthropology and theology are rather obscure for most people. Anthropology, in its essence, attempts to understand and see life through the eyes of the person or group being studied-the other. Theology, on the other hand, tries to provide a divine or spiritually informed point of view. Strange1y enough, it was chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) that brought the two together for me. My own Christian faith found illumination through experiencing CFIDS firsthand after five years of misconceptions had accrued through watehing my wife deal with the illness. In the process I found that knowing someone with this hidden disease, however close that person may be, and having it oneself are worlds apart. And because of the first-person perspective that the illness has afforded, my understanding of my faith and my whole sense of spirituality have been permanently reconfigured.