chapter  25
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CFIDS-A Love Poem

In the darkness, all sunlight arrested, I trace the meridians of your body,

like the ley lines that run past stone circles in ancient grassy fie1ds, they glow softly against your skin, flowing with the power that fills you, I can feel it like heat on my face when you are close, too much ever to fee1 sorry for you, or to think you are weak, but it is a mystery to me where it all goes, because you are always so weary

You are not the vampire, someplace, drinking your strength, like bats swarming in your

blood, sneaking up on helpless platelets and draining them, leaving them stunned in the back alleys behind your lymph nodes, where the uniformed leukocytes scratch their heads and say But, she still has her mitochondria, so robbery wasn't a motive

You pulse with energy, but it's all on your skin and not inside you, I have seen you run your hands over your body, your fingers tracing the lines of power that flow across you, you read to me in bed, your fingers sliding across your shape, like all your secrets are written on your skin, and you read them back to me in Braille, when I press myself against you I wonder if the arcs and lines will

transfer onto me, so that I am marked by lambent cursive like yours, but backwards, and we would be joined in the same alphabet but even then my strength would not flow through those paths into

you, you are not a vampire, and I am not a healing well, or cut from a

unicom's brow, nor recombined with a eureka, I have so little to offer you when we sit together in the sad sterility and flat light of emergency

waiting rooms, you and me and the mystery that has stolen so much from you

I wrap you up in my skin paler than yours because I am like you, undead and unalive, like a character who dies before the beginning of the story and only appears as other people's memories, I am the empty space in a universe that is everything else but me, you can be safe here and find words in that void, words you have forgotten or misplaced, names for things you didn't realize you needed so badly, I wonder if you'll find a thesaurus glistening on my skin and write it all down in your notebooks for later or just read me aloud, your face dead in the harsh blue light of an all night diner,

or blanched by theater lips pronounce and shape me,

You and I are always on stage, writing dialogue for each other, and prompting lines and directions, without your directions I would be lost for you are like a labyrinth that I must walk, hoping always to find the

center, like a story that is never quite finished, like a long night in the broken smile of a churchyard with my throat

exposed, waiting for the vampire and her magic kiss, like just making aspace for us, and the darkness, and the mystery.