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Distance Education: The Role of the Site Advisory Committee

The guidelines for the SAC were developed by the Distance Education Committee, which consists of faculty and administrators from the Department of Social Work at the host university. The guidelines were developed using the KNOWER system (Tropman, 1984, cited in Tropman, 1997). The KNOWER system is a planning tool, which can be used for writing drafts and documents for community groups. The Distance Education Committee outlined the principles to be incorporated into the guidelines for the SAC as follows: goals and objectives, committee composition, structure and process, suggested activities, and line of communication. These principles were drafted into a first outline. The outline was presented to all committee members and to the site coordinators for feedback. The recommendations were incorporated into the second draft and taken to the Distance Education Committee for additional changes. The second draft was presented to the full faculty for feedback and recommendations. These recommendations were incorporated into the guidelines and the third draft was accepted by the faculty in January 1999 (Appendix 1).