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Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology to Integrate Research into the Field Practicum

Hooyman & Nicoll, 1988). A number of strategies for introducing technology into the curriculum (Hernandez & Leung, 1990; van Lieshout & Roosenboon, 1995) and typologies of needed areas of competence (LaMendola, 1987) have been offered, but efforts to integrate training into the social work curriculum have also encountered obstacles ranging from "ambivalence, ambiguity, and alienation" (Nurius & Nicoll, 1989, p. 65) to lack of resources and time (England, Rivers & Watkins, 1999). As a result, while there is general recognition of the importance of information technology and the need to integrate it into the curriculum, integration does not seem to be happening on a large scale (Finn & Lavitt, 1995).