chapter  13
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The Abused Spouse: Spiritual Justifications for Abuse

We cannot discuss domestic violence without addressing the family perspective, especially when we consider it in a spiritual light. The husband and wife become “one,” and in that sense, the one affects the other. That does not imply that the abused spouse is to blame for the abuse. Accountability must be accepted by the abusing spouse. On the other hand, abuse continues because it is allowed to continue. Remember, women tend to stay in abusive relationships because they fear severe retaliation if they attempt to leave. They also tend to stay because of the children, or for economic and/or emotional reasons. For the Christian woman the reasons are more strongly tied to her beliefs, rooted in her spirituality, and fundamental to her relationship with God. Often, these reasons are weapons used by Satan in his warfare strategy, and he uses them either directly or through the church. Satanic strategies will be exposed in this chapter.