chapter  17
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The Believer and Divorce

Now that we have a better understanding of the accountability that each partner in an abusive relationship shares for the abuse, we must discuss what happens when the abusive partner fails to accept accountability, and the unity of the relationship becomes spiritually severed. If the abusive partner accepts accountability, then the relationship can begin to heal and the husband and wife may have the chance to reconcile. Often, when the abused woman accepts accountability and adopts a leadership position within the family unit, the abuse worsens. This is because one of the abuser’s primary motives is control. When the abused partner begins to take control in the relationship, the spiritual battle between the two of them will intensify. The abused spouse may be hurt and confused about what steps to take next. Perhaps she has prayed endlessly, fasted, anointed her surroundings with oil, sought counseling, been baptized, has deidolized her husband, and studied God’s word. She has faithfully pursued all of these spiritual activities, and the abuse worsens.