chapter  1
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The primary purpose of this volume is to provide an in-depth analysis of the major issues affecting teacher education in nine countries and one territory (Hong Kong) within the Asia-Pacific area. The chapters and their authors are: Australia, John Lake and John Williamson; Hong Kong, Brian L. Cooke; Indonesia, T. Raka Joni; Japan, Manabu Sato and Shigeru Asanuma; New Zealand, Peter D.K. Ramsay; Papua New Guinea, Pam Quartermaine; the People's Republic of China (PRC), Julian Leung Yat Ming and Xu Hui; Singapore, S. Gopinathan and Ho Wah Kam; The Republic of China (Taiwan), Bik-jen Fwu; and the USA, Barbara Finkelstein and Hara Efthimiou.