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An Alliance Is Formed, 1869-1879

During the tumultuous Reconstruction decade following the Civil War, women's rights advocates faced "bitter defeat.,,2 However, they reacted energetically. The woman suffrage movement was formed, marked by a major schism into two national organizations, and many tactics were tried before its leaders abandoned their hopes to have women achieve political equality through the amendment process or federallegislation.3 Contemporaneous with these major changes in the suffrage movement was the unnoticed story of the advent of Utah woman suffrage (1870), and the beginning of a Mormon-suffrage alliance. The emergence of Utah woman suffrage and its reception within the newly formed suffrage organizations is an important parallel story in women's rights history, often hidden in the larger story of the Mormon conflict with the federal government. This chapter is the story of the shaping of the Mormon-suffrage alliance from 1870 to 1880.