chapter  1
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Defining Perspectives

This chapter provides an overview of the book. The book has two primary purposes. First, it identifies crucial elements, influences, and interactions that enable students to develop the complex multi-faceted understanding of diverse cultures that is necessary for true multicultural education. Second, the book develops an explanatory model of the process of becoming multicultural to be applied across educational settings. The global approach to social studies curricula seeks an appreciation of individual differences and cultural diversity by having students identify and label objective content of various cultures across curriculum areas. A product-oriented application of multiculturalism capitalizes on notion of individual differences and diversity by neatly packaging these ideals into learning styles inventories and strategies. Minority a term referring to the ethnically diverse experiences of those other than European American in the United States is not used in this text except in direct quotations from another source. Minority is a label assigned from Eurocentric view of the world that presumes those different from European Americans has ethnicity.