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Opposition of Negro Newspapers to American Philippine Policy, 1899–1900

The Philippine-American War lasted from the outbreak of hostili­ ties on February 4, 1899 to March, 1901, when Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the spearhead of the Philippine Army and President of the new republic, was captured. This period marked the high point of anti-imperialist agitation. Although three studies exist on the anti-imperialist move­ ment,1 none of them deals with the position of sections of the Negro people on the question of imperialism. This essay attempts to show that certain Negro newspapers and their readers were involved in the general anti-imperialist struggle, whether or not they were formally associated

with the Anti-Imperialist League. It excludes, for the most part, those Negro newspapers which favored imperialism, an important topic that will be dealt with in a later paper.