chapter  13
Two Crosswriting Authors: Carl Sandburg and Lennart Hellsing
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This chapter deals with the American author Car l Sandburg and his influ-

ence on the Swedish poet Lennart Hellsing, who like Sandburg has writ-

ten for both children and adults. In many respects Car l Sandburg can be

seen as a forerunner to Hellsing, both in theory and practice. This study

w i l l consider the relationship between Sandburg's and Hellsing's pro-

ductions for adults and for children, as wel l as the special art of cross-

writing chi ld and adult in general. In Sweden very little research has

been devoted to Car l Sandburg. His connection to Lennart Hells ing has

not been discussed at a l l , except by the Swedish critic E v a von Zweig -

bergk who, in her 1965 survey of the history of Swedish children's litera-

ture, sees a similarity in the way the two authors deal with nonsense and

imagination, as wel l as verbal acrobatics.1