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Separate but not Equal: The Supreme Court's First Decision on Racial Discrimination in Schools

I 175 U.S. 528, 545. On Harlan's reputation and the reasons for changes in it see G. Edward White, The American Judicial Tradi(ion: Pro/ifes 0/ Leading American Judges (New York, 1976), 129. Research for this paper was partially supported by the Arnold L. and Lois S. Graves Award and by research funds from the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at California Institute of Technology. lowe a great deal of thanks to several people who provided me with information and leads to further information: Professor Edward J. Cashin of Augusta College, Mr. Joseph B. Cumming, Mrs. Virginia de Treville of the Augusta College Library, and especially Mrs. Mary Harper Ingram; and to colleagues who were kind enough to comment on an earlier version of the paper, Robert F. Engs, Clayton R. Koppes, and Stanley N. Kutlet.