chapter  1
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Problems and Perspectives

QUESTIONING TRENDS IN GRADUATE EDUCATION In late August 1978, a doctoral student at Stanford walked into his advisor's office and bludgeoned the professor to death with four blows to the head, after years of considering the "bloody plan." Later, he commented:

"Stanford, with [this professor's] help, took nineteen years of my life with impunity and I decided I would not let that pass. I decided I'd do something about it. I did. Under the same circumstances, I'd do it again." (Cude 1987, 45)

Nearly two decades later, in August 1996, a masters student at the University of San Diego entered the room where he was to defend his masters thesis and, before the defense began, shot his three professors dead. Just two years later, in August 1998, a promising graduate student at Harvard committed suicide-only a year after another student in the same department also took his own life (Hall 1998).