chapter  2
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Sources of Institutional Power: Constructed Consciousness, Hegemony, and Reification

For years, in private conversations and extensive lore, graduate students have complained about faculty neglect, about exploitation, about success and failure depending more on whim and politics than on ability and work-about widespread institutional and faculty abuse. Yet they continue to enroll, and for the most part endure without public complaint, paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of suffering. It is only recently that a very few, very angry students have become fully open about their experiences (Cude 1988; Salo 1999) and that public evidence of student resistance on a larger scale has appeared (Leatherman 1996, 1998; AAUP Committee on Graduate Students). Still, despite some recent drop in enrollment (AAU 1999) and some notable attrition (Anderson 1998, 1) thousands of graduate students stay and endure whatever oppressive conditions they encounter in their programs. Why?