chapter  12
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Conclusions Amid Changing Conditions

Individuals join a "women's association" such as the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners because it functions in both public and personal ways that are beneficial to them. The association's programs subvert lingering cultural prejudices that limit women to subordinate roles in business. The National Association for Women Business Owners fights for the expansion of women's roles and women's rights as part of an ongoing struggle to change the limiting gender boundaries of social structure and cultural practices. Practical integration strategies strengthen women's cause and link women entrepreneurs to shared agendas. A woman's association works to overcome the cultural resistance of men and women who interpret women's roles as limited, and to strengthen individual self-identity so a woman continues to pursue her goals in the face of lingering sexism. Association encourages women to refer their identities to entrepreneurs and small business owners in general and teaches them methods to do so. Models of individual success function to legitimate women's risks of resources when they choose self-employment. The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners thus creates a strategy for women's integration into market and society.