chapter  7
21 Pages

Where We Are and Where We Need to Go in Theory and Research

ByDonna E. Alvermann, Jennifer S. Moon, Margaret C. Hagood

This chapter begins with Leila Christenbury's excerpt because we think it explains in large part why, compared to other areas of literacy research, relatively little has been done on media literacy, to say nothing of critical media literacy. It explores where the literacy field is and needs to go in terms of theory and research on critical media literacy. The chapter examines the theory and research underlying those issues raised. It considers a few representative studies that have looked at literacy in relation to identity and desire. The chapter considers studies that have dealt with audience, and in particular how audiences are positioned by the media and with what consequences. It draws from these studies some implications for future research and practice that we hope will situate critical media literacy as a topic of theoretical and practical importance squarely within the literacy community.